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20 Years and 20 Questions

Now in our 20th year, there aren’t many obstacles that our talented team of 26 award-winning designers, marketers, consultants and project managers haven’t overcome. However, no two clients are alike and each project is unique.

Bearing that in mind, I’d like you to accept our challenge – 20 questions for 20 years.

You’re most likely on the right course if you score a high ‘Yes’ count. Somewhere in the middle? We are confident that we can help refine your process and take your organisation even further. Scoring in the single digits likely indicates a problem emerging and we’d love the opportunity to meet with you to see if we can be of assistance. Finally, if your ‘Yes’ count was below five, we urge you to stop reading immediately and pick up the phone.

  1. Has your visual identity/brand changed at all in the last three years?

  2. Have you ever had your brand ‘audited’ by anyone outside your organisation?

  3. Have you received feedback about your brand?

  4. Are you confident that your visual identity/brand looks as good as you are?

  5. If money were no object, would you keep your brand as it is?

  6. Are you confident that your visual identity/brand appeals to your entire target audience?

  7. Is every piece of collateral that bears your brand consistently strong?

  8. Are external agencies fulfilling any of your design requirements?

  9. Are you confident that your brand is as strong/stronger than your immediate competitors?

  10. Do you feel your marketing efforts are as strong as they were pre-recession?

  11. Have you had your website rebuilt/refreshed in the last three years?

  12. Does your website look as good, if not better, on mobile devices as on desktop computers?

  13. Do you have the ability to update your own website?

  14. If you have a Content Management System (CMS), is it quick and easy to administer?

  15. Have you placed your website’s navigation and layout at the forefront of your thinking?

  16. Have you received feedback about your website?

  17. Does your website rank where you’d like it to on Google?

  18. Does your site receive healthy traffic and do you receive detailed analytics about visitors?

  19. Are you confident that your website is as strong/stronger than your immediate competitors?

  20. Do you feel that your audience can easily find the information they require on your website?


How did you score? Count your YES answers.

20 It looks like you’re all set for now - but keep up to date with our latest news


0-5 call us on 0121 693 8700

If you want to find out more about how IE could help you with your digital challenges – get in touch here.