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The future is Responsive

You'll be hearing a lot about Responsive Web Design in 2012/13 but here's a taster from IE – the Midlands' leading experts in Responsive Web Design for the health, charity and education sectors...

Due to the proliferation of hand held devices – iPhones, Android, iPads, Tablets etc. it is becoming increasingly important that websites display content appropriately to individual devices. Current stats show that between 3% and 15% of website views are taking place through a mobile device and irrespective of where your website stands in this spectrum the trend is firmly upwards. With rising mobile user numbers come rising user expectations... it's no longer good enough to be offering up 'one size fits all' content to users – and that is especially true for users between 15 and 24 years. They are at the vanguard of mobile web browsing.

Thus far the solution to multiple devices has been multiple versions of websites – one for desktops, another for mobile and yet another for tablets. The design / build costs and the management overheads of this approach have placed it way beyond the budget and resources of the average organisation.

Responsive Web Design (RWD) addresses these issues head on and no prudent charity, college or CCG should be commissioning a new website in 2012 without ensuring that it embraces RWD principles in order to optimise the ever-increasing opportunity for user engagement.

A responsive website checks the screen resolution of the device through which it is being viewed and serves up a version of the content, navigation and functionality which is optimised for the device. The result is no more pinching and scrolling, no more epic download times, no more microscopic content, no more unclickably tiny buttons and no more unwieldy web forms impossible to fill in without a full qwerty keyboard.

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