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Life at IE: an outside perspective

We recently welcomed Joy Bannister to the IE studio, on a short-term assignment to help us generate content for our shiny new websites. Originally hailing from Detroit and being new to the agency environment, we asked Joy to write one final piece for us about how she'd found IE life.

Life at IE: an outside perspective

Joy didn’t disappoint, although she did rather make us blush! It’s always good to hear that we’re creating a welcoming environment, especially as we’ll soon be joined by some new members of the team.

About her time working at IE, the aptly named Joy wrote:

“The first thing you notice upon entering the IE studio is that the building is breathtakingly beautiful. The staircase sits nestled in vibrant tiles in shades of amber and hunter green, a winding polished balustrade taking you up to the studio. There is a meeting room encased in smoky glass at the front, and beyond that, the main workspace where dozens of monitors rest upon unfinished wood, very often two to a user. Tall, arched windows line the brick walls of the high-ceilinged room all the way back to the kitchen, storeroom and toilets at the back. Above those rooms sits an honest-to-goodness recreation room with a ping-pong table.

“In my short time here at IE, I have been tasked with assisting with the transition to a new website. During this process, I have found myself deeply entangled behind the scenes of this agency. I am reading blog posts and case studies, for example, all whilst business as usual goes on around me.

Invigorating to be amidst such creative people

“I am in awe. These people have achieved some incredible things. As individuals and as a team. It is quite invigorating to be amidst such creative people. Being that their clients are most often in sectors like charity, healthcare and education, they are bettering the work for those who are working to better the community. And they are truly great at it.

“But even when you look past the awards and the statistics that shout their success, just being in their presence is inspiring. I have lived in many places, across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and in my travels have held many different jobs. Never have I experienced such a strong work ethic in my colleagues, such clear respect in each other.

“Whether a manager is on site or not, chit-chat and goofing around is kept to a bare minimum. Laziness is non-existent. These folks work long and hard, usually through lunch and longer than required. But you still catch them smiling. They help each other. They speak kindly to each other and of each other.

“Yes, I mentioned a ping-pong table. Don’t let that fool you. It is not a party atmosphere where work is never done. Nor is this an environment where fun is not allowed. They joke, they laugh. They take a break to smack the ball around and get back to work.

Beautiful, positive, yet hard-working, work environment

“This is the most beautiful, positive, yet hard-working, work environment I have ever come upon in my many years and many miles. So, what gives? What creates such an idyllic workplace?

“Appreciation. In speaking with Managing Director, Ollie Leggett, you get the sense that he actually cares for his team and his clients. His genuine smile and encouraging attitude go a long way into inspiring hard work and loyalty. In fact, studies have suggested employees are likely to work harder when they feel appreciated*. The leader inspires the entire team to appreciate each other, and not only do they seem to, they work hard and passionately.

“IE has an ethos that many other businesses do not. In serving values-drives clients, they help organisations that are bettering the world, as I said. But they do more than that. They’re actively involved in charities, both local and international. And the directors encourage staff to take part in charitable endeavours as well, with their full support.

“My observations of not only the visually stunning surroundings, but also the supportive, hardworking team have left me concluding that it isn’t just the clients that are fortunate to have found IE. There are younger team members who may not have had negative workplace experiences like the guy who won’t pull his weight, the office gossip or the horrible staff toilet. I honestly hope they never do. I hope they appreciate IE for the gem it truly is, and vice versa, and that they have a long, happy relationship together. I am grateful for my experience with this gem of the Jewellery Quarter.

“Thank you, Team IE!”


Well thank YOU Joy, you’ve certainly made us feel extremely proud of our lovely studio and our fantastic team.


*Huffington Post: "Appreciation Motivates Employees To Work Harder, Study Says"; Psychology Today: "New Employee Study Shows Recognition Matters More Than Money"

Never have I experienced such a strong work ethic in my colleagues, such clear respect in each other.

Joy Bannister
Temporary Marketing Executive