Custom builds and bespoke web applications

Clients often come to us wanting something that simply isn’t available ‘out of the box’. We call those kind of projects custom builds and bespoke web applications – where IE Digital engineers a technical solution from scratch that helps to save time, save money, and increase your impact.

Custom build website

Like all of our projects, it begins with consultancy – with IE Digital’s experienced team of problem-solvers putting our heads together with our clients. We’ll learn about your challenges, and imagine innovative digital tools that will make a difference.

We’re pragmatists, so before we begin work, we’ll check that we’re not reinventing the wheel and that there aren’t any existing systems we could use to deliver the same solution in less time and for a smaller budget. If there is, we’ll draw up a plan to build on that system, or incorporate its technology.

But if you do need to build something entirely new, we’ll help you to scope the solution from the ground up. We’ll help you to define what it does, how it does it, what frameworks and underlying technologies it’s built on, and how it will be supported and maintained over time. We can even help you to package up the solution to be sold as a white-labelled digital product – helping you to potentially offset development costs.

From complex volunteer management systems, to online communities and fundraising hubs, IE Digital can help you to develop custom builds and bespoke web applications from initial idea to final deployment.

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